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Paratus | Press Office:

The new COO of the Paratus Group in Africa, Gert Duvenhage smooths the way

Everyone in the business knows that the pan-African telco sector is a complex network filled with license agreements and multiple complications around the technologies and different ways of working. Tell that to Gert Duvenhage as this man with a mission rises poised to tackle the challenges. As a man who understands the collective power of true cooperation, Gert is on a mission to stimulate understanding. His new role as COO of the Paratus Group is a key appointment as the group plans to double its revenue in the next five years with a mission to transform Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and customer service.

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Opportunity knocks for the commercial man at Paratus

Opportunity knocks when you know which doors to open. As the Group Chief Commercial Officer for the Paratus Group, Martin Cox is busy opening around a dozen large doors in Africa. “Our strategy is to dramatically accelerate the Paratus Group’s growth,” Cox explains. “What Paratus has already achieved is to create a unique contiguous footprint across Southern Africa – something no other network provider can claim. We are aiming to be the preferred network provider for all network and data services across Southern Africa from DRC down to South Africa, and from Mozambique in the East to Angola and Namibia in the West. Future expansion plans also include expansion to other regions in the rest of Africa.”

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This Queen Bee’s a Hive of Information

Of course, there are plenty of women working at a high level in male-dominated industries around the world and, for sure, they have worked hard and smart to get to the top. So, what merits singling out this woman’s achievements, other than the fact that it’s Women’s month and that she is a leader within a leading ICT group in Africa? The answer is because Samantha Geyser is making waves, swimming sometimes against, but mostly with, the tide of male influence while applying a few of her feminine wiles to take the business to greater heights.

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New Paratus Armada DC to power Africa’s digital transformation

08 August 2022, Windhoek: Last week Paratuslaunched its newest Data Center (DC), dubbed Armada. It is Namibia’s largest carrier neutral DC. The launch of Armada signals the country’s readiness to participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), offering Namibian businesses the whole gamut of digitally resilient infrastructure and hosting services, complemented by complete connectivity freedom and the opportunity to compete at world-class levels.

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ITA Officially Rebrands to Paratus Angola

Luanda, Angola – 21 July 2022 – Angolan telecommunications service provider, Internet Technologies Angola (ITA), has officially changed its name as part of an extensive rebranding and harmonisation process led by its parent company, Paratus Grou

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The cable has landed

23 June 2022, Swakopmund: Following the announcement in February 2021 that African telco, Paratus Group, together with Telecom Namibia, had been selected to build the cable landing station(CLS) for the Equiano subsea internet cable in Namibia, the cable been brought ashore. The Equiano subsea cable will provide communications diversity due to its increased capacity and this will have a direct impact on connectivity with faster internet speeds, more flexibility in the market and an improved user experience for consumers in Namibia and beyond.

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