Andre Odendaal

Andre Odendaal

Data & Technology Leader, Starbucks

Data and Technology Leader with experience in Retail, Financial Services, Automotive, Manufacturing, Military, and Agriculture sectors, with deep expertise in Data, Software Design and Development, System Architecture, New product development, Data analytics, I.T. Strategy, and Operations.

Current responsibilities: Product development and Management, Retail and Human resources data Analytics, Data self-service. Leading a ‘Full stack’ team of UI/UX designers, Web, API, and Data engineers.

I believe in solving root problems and developing people, and I am an avid student of organizational behavior. “People, Ideas, and Things, in that Order” – John Boyd.

Initially, self-taught (BootCamp) software engineer, I completed my Computer Science Degree while working.

Active Cyclist, Runner, Workout, and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu student.