Privacy Policy

At IT News Africa we are obsessed with your privacy. We have to be. Not only is your privacy regulated by South African law, it is in our interest to keep your information private. The way we see it, you are our biggest asset. Without you, our readers, there would be no one to communicate with.

IT News Africa has taken a number of steps to ensure the security of your information and to keep your privacy… well… private. Here’s what we do:

  1. Under no circumstances are your details sold, bartered, traded or handed over to any other organisation. Period. We just don’t do it.
  2. Your personal information is securely stored. We make use of industry standard password hashing ciphers to ensure passwords are correctly encrypted and stored.
  3. You have control over what you receive via email. At any point, you can visit our list manager (you can find the link at the bottom of any email you get from IT News Africa), or log into your account and change your subscription settings from the Account menu.
  4. We take privacy violations very seriously. If you find that your privacy has been violated by IT News Africa, or an IT News Africa client, please contact us on .
  5. South Africa has some pretty solid legislation regarding privacy. Commonly known as Popi, the Protection of Private Information act details what we can and can’t do with your information. We recommend you read the Popi documentation. You have a right to privacy, and IT News Africa prides itself on how we handle your information.
  6. You have the ability to suppress your contact details on our system. Our suppression list is an “add-only” list of email addresses that we simply cannot send to. The list is digitally managed and cannot be altered by any user or client. You may, however, request that your email address be REMOVED from our suppression list, but you will be required to provide positive physical identification when making your request.
  7. You may, at any time, request that your details be removed from IT News Africa completely. We then place your email address on our suppression list so that your details cannot ever be added to a list on IT News Africa again.
  8. We will never ask you for your password via email or telephone, so if you see an IT News Africa email with this sort of request, we ask that you immediately forward it to so that we can investigate it.
  9. We make sure of a number of services both locally and internationally. We only transmit data to these entities that is required for them to provide the services we need. We choose these entities carefully based on their own privacy policies, which must be compatible with ours. In other words, the services we use, are just as paranoid about security as we are.
  10. IT News Africa makes use of some pretty advanced technology to do what it does best. One of the things we have to do is store information on your computer. We do this in the form of a cookie. A cookie is a small piece of information that your browser stores on our behalf. We use cookies to manage sessions and some other magic stuff.
  11. We collect some anonymous usage statistics while you use the IT News Africa service. This information contains no identifiable information. The closest we get to knowing any one stat from another is which country it originated from.

If you have any questions regarding how your data is stored, or if you have any concerns surrounding our privacy efforts, please drop us an email.