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World Wide Creative (WWC) Spreads It’s Wings Into Africa.


Innovation Agency, WWC, is quickly becoming recognised as an agency that understands a continent with very unique business challenges. Through its partnerships with global brands, they have provided digital services in Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

WWC specializes in digital product innovation and transformation as a means to increase the digital maturity of the organisations with which they work. Its partnerships with brands operating across the continent have contributed significantly to the agency’s ability to understand and use technology relevant to the continent as a means to innovate and unlock new growth for it’s clients.

WWC’s Head of Business in Africa, Alex Acton, says: “Having spent most of my life operating in and around Southern Africa, I have a deep appreciation for the opportunities that the continent presents. When combined with clients with an appetite for innovation, the true and often exponential value of these opportunities becomes a reality.”

“We are very proud of our African partnerships” says Louis Janse van Rensburg, WWC MD in Johannesburg and Africa “It shows that our model to focus on solving business problems, rather than simply marketing challenges, is paying off. I’m proud to see the quality of innovative work being produced for our clients by these partnerships.”

As part of WWC’s Africa strategy, WWC is preparing to host its first Digital Innovation evening in Lusaka, soon to be followed by Accra and Nairobi. This will allow WWC to add value to it’s community when operating outside of South Africa, but also gives the agency insights into the idiosyncrasies of each region.

About WWC

WWC is a South African Innovation Agency that specializes in digital transformation and product innovation as a means to increase the digital maturity of the organisations they work with. We have a 14-year track record of delivering digital solutions to clients in over 12 different industries. We have offices in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, and are currently active in Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda and Zambia. Our 2020 vision is to vastly increase our presence in Africa, partnering with businesses from across the continent and who truly believe in the power of technology as a means to innovate. For more information, please visit www.wwc.co.za.




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