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STOREX - We accomodate your budget


About Storex

StorEx provides innovative, trailblazing ICT Service Solutions. We specialize in the Support, Maintenance and Life-Cycle extension of medium size and enterprise level IT Hardware and Software Infrastructure. We

offer post-warranty maintenance services that unlock cost-savings while delivering exceptional services and guaranteeing reliability.

Our services ensure business continuity while relieving the costly weight of OEM maintenance. We also offer a variety of niche services including Managed Services, Network Support Solutions, Advanced Electronic Repairs and IMACD.

Over the past 12 years we have seen a significant increase in the demand for our services. Some of our offerings are the only alternative option for managers of IT estates. Our need satisfying, cost-saving service offerings have gained an enormous amount of traction as we meet a dire demand for reputable, post-warranty maintenance.

B-BBEE – Level 1

At StorEx we are extremely proud of our level 1 B-BBEE status and what it stands for.

StorEx is committed to responsible conduct that empowers others and supports the development of South Africa.

Our management structure speaks of this ongoing dedication, as we have always been committed to the training and upliftment of our employees.

We believe success is better when shared.

We also feel a duty to share our success and that is why we have been involved in the support of numerous charitable causes from day one.





Latest News       Profile      STOREX Website       Contacts       IT News Africa

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