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Who is Netshield

Netshield (Pty) Ltd is a Pretoria-based company that specialises inelectronic, mechanical, instrumentation, opticaland technological research and development.It has vast experience in electronic, optical, mechanical, firmware and software development. With our detailed knowledge of the nature of local and international markets, Netshield has produced a range of products, instruments and services that are not just a collection of technical components,

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Netshield Press Office | Breaking News:


Netshield defines end-to-end IoT solution

Full IoT offering provides customers with the links they need between sensors, management platforms, gateways and the cloud

Pretoria, South Africa, February 10, 2020: Customers who are looking to deploy IoT may often feel frustrated with the sheer volume of solutions available on the market, but that has little cohesion between them. With this, Netshield has developed a cohesive range of IoT solutions that traverse both hardware and software. It creates the glue that brings IoT together and provides customers with the insights from their implementations that they crave.

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Netshield Aims to Better Help IT Professionals by Stripping Away Noise and Hype

Following a new approach provides customers with physical use cases that speak passed mega trends and provide a practical view of implementing solutions

Customers tired of hearing about how IoT, the cloud, renewable energy and connectivity products are going to change their business, but aren’t provided the evidence to support these statements can now call on Netshield South Africa for practical examples.

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Netshield simplifies infrastructure management by adding intelligence directly into datacentre cabinets

Netshield SA is pleased to announce that it has integrated its range of intelligent handles into its Smart Zero U Power Distribution Units (PDUs) as well as added additional IoT features to its PDU units. This integration enables a customer to better track and monitor activity in a datacentre, while at the same time providing a client with the visibility and monitoring capabilities woven into its Smart PDUs.

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Conduct infrastructure management at scale with Netshield Point of Presence Convergence Gateways

The business case for automation and remote monitoring and the role of IoT in this continues to grow as customers seek ways to cut costs and gain a single view of systems

Customers looking to remotely manage infrastructure, sensitive equipment, energy and water distribution or respond accurately to environmental threats such as fires and even flooding, can now do so at scale and across multiple sites with a Point of Presence Convergence gateway. When multiple instances of the devices are deployed, they can create a full view of events and even help to ensure the even distribution of services such as power and water in a multi-site environment.

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Netshield introduces cost competitive range of “generic SFPs”

Companies using pluggable transceivers (SFPs, SFP+’s, QSFP+’s and QSFP28’s) to transform their network into cloud, digital and IoT ready infrastructure, can now make use of the Generic range of pluggable transceivers from Netshield. Not coded to a specific device, these SFPs are an affordable cost-effective alternative to brand specific solutions.

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Ageing networks can hamper cloud performance

- Media converters from Netshield help customers transform networks without having to rip and replace existing infrastructure

The cloud, IoT and even hyperconverged infrastructure require a robust and solid network to relay the information to and from the datacentre they are connected to. But an old, legacy network can severely hamper this and lead to downtime and sub-standard connections, which is why Netshield South Africa is offering businesses an alternative, to ripping and replacing ageing and unstable networks at enormous cost, with its media converter range.

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Power to all the people – Inverter systems for smaller installations

- Affordable alternative energy solutions for smaller applications provide a cost-effective means for customers to remove reliance on Eskom

Energy supply will continue to cause chaos in our homes and places of work. To alleviate this, smaller business and home users can make an investment in solutions that improve the reliability of energy supply to their critical devices such as lights, computers, cell chargers and networking equipment. Enabling them to continue with their lives even when the power utility providers fail us. Netshield has expanded its inverter range to include cost effective energy solutions, but the company cautions that critical to this is planning and understanding exactly what your specific energy objectives are.

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Make sure the lights don't go out - with a smart power solution from Netshield

Based on the state of our current power grid system, loadshedding has become a necessary evil as it reduces the risk of a national blackout that could take the country a week to recover from. But that doesn't reduce the business impact or lessen the blow, therefore it is critical for business to make alternative power arrangements, one such alternative is the Netshield Inverter / Charger range.

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The New Netshield GSM Power Monitor IoT Gateway helps cut support costs and time to service client SLA's

- Netshield provides businesses with end-to-end power management and monitoring from the Distribution Board (DB board) to the server room

No matter whether they are made up of one or of a host of racks with multiple blades, the datacentre houses your most critical assets, but it is also the most susceptible to power spikes, dips and surges. Simply protecting your power at the external source, for example the power utilities feed, is not enough. Netshield South Africa advises businesses to carefully plan power management and monitoring in their business and to consider a holistic approach with multiple devices in the process.

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Fuel and Acid sensors added to Netshield IoT range

- New sensors expand the scope of IoT monitoring and management

Netshield South Africa is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new range of fuel and acid spillage rope sensors to its expanding range of IoT monitoring devices. The sensors enable users to better monitor anomalous activity around sensitive equipment in the field pertaining to, in particular, detecting leakage and spillage from fuel tanks and batteries.

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Netshield announces new Intelligent IoT enabled environmental monitoring and control gateway

Netshield South Africa is pleased to announce the latest iteration of its NVIROMON, the Netshield NVIROMON-ULTI-1S, an intelligent IoT enabled environmental monitoring and control gateway

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Netshield media converters bridge the copper and fibre gap in your network, inexpensively

Communication networks can be costly to upgrade, particularly if you are trying to upgrade existing equipment to SFP ports for fibre connectivity or a Power over Ethernet (PoE)network to help power digital and IoT devices. With its range of inexpensive media converters, Netshield is enabling businesses to upgrade their networks without having to “rip and replace” their existing infrastructure. The company has also added a host of new converters to its 2018 line up.

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Safeguard your cargo and vehicles with Cell Lock

High-value logistics companies can now secure their goods in transit with a Cell Lock system from Netshield. With this latest innovation, your business can be assured that high-value and high-risk goods get to their destination safely and securely.

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Netshield SA announces Data Centre in a Box now 100% IoT enabled

Netshield South Africa is pleased to announce that as a result of the finalisation of its recent developments to its Data Centre in a Box (DCiB), the self-contained cabinets (SCC) are now 100% IoT and cloud-enabled.This recent development enables customers to not only take advantage of the SNMP functionality already inherent in the cabinets, but also full AMQP and MQTT capabilities too.

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