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New study puts Arbor Networks in global first place when it comes to DDoS protection

JOHANNESBURG – The growing size, frequency and complexity of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks presents a serious challenge for any business. A recent study by industry analysts Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has identified Arbor Networks as the global market and technology leader in providing DDoS mitigation solutions.

This is according to Arbor Network’s territory manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, Bryan Hamman, who says, “Quadrant Knowledge Solutions released its research entitled the DDoS Mitigation Global Market Outlook, which provides strategic analysis of the global DDoS Mitigation market by analysing market dynamics, opportunities and the competitive vendor landscape. The study analysed the current competitive landscape and compared the technological capabilities of key vendors in providing DDoS mitigation solutions. Arbor Networks was clearly identified as the global market and technology leader.”

Hamman says effective protection against the worst types of DDoS attack requires a multi-layered approach, combining in-cloud and on-premises protection. He adds, “When it comes to protecting an organisation’s network from online attacks, we need to understand that the average DDoS attack is expected to reach 1.2 Gbps by the end of 2017, enough to overwhelm a company’s e-mail and online services in minutes. Investing in the best possible DDoS mitigation solutions is therefore vital to ensure the viability of your everyday operations.

“Arbor Networks’ DDoS mitigation solution portfolio includes our industry-leading on-premise appliance Arbor APS, Arbor Cloud for integrated multi-layer defence, and Arbor Networks TMS for carrier-class scrubbing centres. The company’s DDoS protection solution products are backed up by ATLAS global threat intelligence for real-time updates on advanced threats and DDoS attacks.”

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions study (click here for more information) also provides detailed market forecast analysis of the global market in various geographical regions, revenue types, customer types, industry segments, and sales channel.

DDoS attacks are targeted attacks against specific companies to interrupt business operations, disturb communications and generally make the network, server, web application or services unavailable to its users. The resulting network downtime can cause significant damage to organisations in terms of lost opportunities, information theft and damage to its brand value. For industries that mostly rely on their online presence for businesses, such as e-commerce, online payment, online gaming, and others, DDoS attacks can result in huge losses.

DDoS Mitigation secures a company’s network against DDoS attacks on systems connected to the Internet by ensuring protection on targeted networks. This is achieved by passing system activity targeted to the attacked system through high-limit systems with filter channels. DDoS mitigation requires the ability to distinguish between human activity versus fake bots and captured web programs. The procedure is done by considering encrypted signatures and inspecting distinctive characteristics of the incoming traffic, including IP addresses, JavaScript impressions, and various HTML headers.

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About Arbor NetworksArbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT, helps secure the world’s largest enterprise and service provider networks from DDoS attacks and advanced threats. Arbor is the world’s leading provider of DDoS protection in the enterprise, carrier and mobile market segments, according to Infonetics Research. Arbor’s advanced threat solutions deliver complete network visibility through a combination of packet capture and NetFlow technology, enabling the rapid detection and mitigation of malware and malicious insiders. Arbor also delivers market-leading analytics for dynamic incident response, historical analysis, visualization and forensics. Arbor strives to be a “force multiplier,” making network and security teams the experts. Our goal is to provide a richer picture into networks and more security context so customers can solve problems faster and reduce the risks to their business. To learn more about Arbor products and services, please follow us on Twitter @ArborNetworks. Arbor’s research, analysis and insight, together with data from the ATLAS global threat intelligence system, can be found at the ATLAS Threat Portal. Trademark Notice: Arbor Networks, the Arbor Networks logo and ATLAS are all trademarks of Arbor Networks, Inc. All other brands may be the trademarks of their



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