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How to Ensure Payments for Financed Devices With NuovoPay

Device financing is gaining popularity around the world as it helps to bridge the gap between device manufacturers and users who are in need of devices. It enables users to spread out their payments in installments over a period of time. This enables people to obtain the latest devices at affordable pricing plans and lower upfront costs. Moreover, it also enables users who cannot afford to purchase devices, a chance to own and use them. This has rendered device financing to be an instantly embraced method in underserved regions.

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NuovoPay Partners with Angaza to Drive Smartphone Accessibility

NuovoPay, a solution pioneering in de-risking device financing for OEMs, telecom carriers and device financing institutions has now joined hands with Angaza, a leading provider of software technology designed specifically for last-mile distribution businesses.

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SIM-based Locking: How Telcos Can Reinvent Their Device Financing with NuovoPay

Device financing has been a catalyst in increasing the penetration of smartphones across developed countries. Several telecom carriers have taken the plunge into device financing in recent times, also bringing into focus the previously underserved markets of smartphone financing- in the African, LATAM and APAC regions.

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NuovoPay for Handset Leasing in the Telecom Industry

Mobile phones are no longer a luxury, even in the geographies that were once underserved in terms of technology. The proliferation of mobile phones across diverse avenues has led to a transformation that was inconceivable, a few years ago.

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Revolutionizing Mobile Handset Financing and Leasing with NuovoPay

Mobile technology has seen a massive explosion of innovation both in terms of hardware and software, leading to the increased accessibility of the latest tech to humans across diverse geographies and industries.

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