Wayne Janneker

Wayne Janneker is an Information Technology specialist with a career in every facet of IT spanning over 17 years. He holds an international Diploma in Computer Science.

He has held senior management positions over a period of 14 years in the corporate sector.
He has extensive skills in Linux and Microsoft operating systems, Network, ERP, VOIP, GPS telematics, Machine2machine, Cloud and Network Strategy, IT project management and Business Processing within the Information Technology Sector.

Wayne is equally passionate about dynamic leadership that underpins the development of cohesive teams and innovative, robust IT operations that can function in synergy with an organisation’s local and global strategic position. As head of IT at the award-wining HIV and TB research organisation, the Centre for the AIDS Programme for Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), Wayne’s expertise is integral to the operations and strategic thrust of this medical research organisation which has a global footprint.

He is at the helm of the rigorous IT programme development, implementation, management, and leadership of CAPRISA’s extensive IT systems

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