Travers Nicholas

Today, organizations find that they need to adopt new technologies in order to compete and maintain their relevance in this increasingly competitive marketplace. As a result, it’s myself and my team’s goal to help businesses and government organizations navigate these advances and secure or strengthen their position in their respective industry.

As organizations transform to become more software-defined and data-centric, their leaders seek solutions to reduce cost on legacy IT systems and redirect IT spending toward solutions that deliver new capabilities and services, and increase revenues. As companies navigate their way through this complex push towards digital, they need to partner with a seasoned expert that supports their journey in order to thrive and survive. At Dell Technologies, we provide the products, solutions, and the expertise for our customers to transform Applications, IT, Security, and the Workforce.

I help my team work with businesses to define a roadmap and execute the plan together. With a successful, modernized plan, businesses transform into data-driven enterprises with tools to tailor services to the needs of their customers and to maintain relevance in an ever-changing world.

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