Marlon Moodley

Marlon Moodley is currently the managing director of B2HA ICT Advisory (Pty) Ltd, which works with clients mainly at board level, to address technology and people matters that have begun to affect their business strategically and operationally.

Marlon previously served as Group CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Harmony Gold Ltd and was responsible for turning around their underperforming IT division and reported at board level.

Harmony is amongst the world’s largest gold mining groups, operating in South Africa and South East Asia, with stock exchange listings in South Africa, New York and London and employing approximately 45,000 people. Marlon’s prior experience often involved working in complex and challenging technology environments dealing with strategy, ICT, and business matters requiring solid leadership, teamwork and quick adaptation to enable strategic planning and sound execution.

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December 8, 2021
Heads of IT have one of the most difficult roles in an organisation and are generally unprepared to move from their technology roles to executive level. Great IT leadership is essential in every business, and organisations benefit from an executive who can make the most of disruptive technology trends and motivate people within and beyond the IT department.
October 27, 2021
Understanding that today’s C-Level Executives are busy and focused on delivering results to stakeholders and shareholders is important, and gaining access to them has become an extremely difficult task for sales executives. Selling to IT to C-level executives is not easy.