Kobus Scheepers

Since 2002, Kobus Scheepers has been involved in the retail sector. His industry experience grew as did his passion working through the ranks from general administrator to regional manager for a supermarket chain.
Being a full rounded retailer and having sound knowledge of every aspect from supply management to customer service, each process he engages with and develops is aimed at providing both client and business with the best value.
Currently working as a consultant his objective is to assist any business in identifying underperforming areas and developing and implementing protocols and processes to address the identified challenges.
As buyer trends change within the local and global market, Kobus is interested to explore the use of new technology and innovation to allow retailers to continue growing their bottom line despite the shifts in paradigm.

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    January 28, 2021
    The internet and customer expectations are forcing retailers to reassess the service they provide, not just in terms of convenience and pace, but engagement and enjoyability. DRF 2021 will focus on how emerging technology trends will disrupt the sector. We will also delve into how to survive by harnessing new tech to improve both Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency.