Selling to the CIO

    27 - 28 October 2021

    Rethink your CIO sales approach

    This year will see the return of IT News Africa’s highly rated Selling to the CIO virtual workshop.

    This intensive workshop, which is set to be held online on 27 – 28 October 2021, will see sales leaders gain vital insights into how to successfully engage with CIOs.

    Why attend?

    Selling to CIOs is not easy. According to Mark Hall Founder & General Manager CIO Executive Council: “The repeated issue every year—what keeps CIOs up at night—is the sales and marketing practices of technology vendors. It’s a cat and mouse game. It’s not efficient for buyers; it’s not efficient for sellers. The whole relationship is problematic.”

    CIOs are extremely busy and they are inundated with technical sales calls. Nonetheless, those who make a good living selling to CIOs have learned that there are ways to sell to CIOs that are truly effective. This intensive 2-day workshop is designed to provide good solid practical strategies for selling to CIOs that will help you and your company meet your CIO selling objectives. If your organization wants to become more effective at selling to CIOs, then this seminar is a must-attend for your sales team.

    This intensive 2-day workshop is aimed at any professional who is responsible for selling technology solutions to senior executives.

    Topics at this intensive 2-day workshop will include:

    • Your Strategy to Win over the CIO
    • Navigating to the CIO: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches
    • Organising the Presentation to the CIO: How to Gain Credibility & Overcome Objections
    • CIOs Describe Habits of the Best (and Worst) IT Sales Reps
    • What CIOs Say Earns Reps Trusted Advisor Status
    • What CIOs Expect from Reps at a Sales Meeting
    • Penetrating the Organisation at Various Levels of Responsibility
    • Communicating Strategic and Operational Value


    Sameer Jooma
    Innovation & Analytics Executive | Non Executive Director | Turnaround Management, Start-up Capital Raising
    Marlon Moodley
    Managing Director, B2HA ICT Advisory (Pty) Ltd
    Why Attend?


    After completing this program, your sales team will be able to:

    • Differentiate your sales team as a trusted partner to the C-Suite.
    • Adopt best practices for quickly engaging with and selling to the C-Suite; recognizing C-Suite needs are unique to the position.
    • Develop an understanding of how to work with the C-Suite by building interest, trust, and credibility into your product.
    • Create an action plan to increase your Trusted Partner effectiveness when working with the C-Suite.
    • Formulating the Grand Strategy to Win the Complex IT Sale
    Why do we need to access the executive level?
    The challenge of selling to the executive level
    The role CxO’s play in the buying process
    Start at the Top of C-Level Management
    How, when, and why to engage at the executive level


    • Executive-level roles and responsibilities
    Tactics to Defeat the Competition Linking your solutions to executive-level goals
    Developing your business acumen and vocabulary
    Account maneuvers to improve competitive position.
    Organizing the presentation to the CxO: How to gain credibility, overcome objections and create consensus.
    Understanding the political structure of the account.


    • The three key objectives of every for-profifit company
    How executives develop objectives and initiatives
    Tying your solutions to executive-level initiatives
    Crafting executive-level business solutions
    Translating value across the enterprise


    • Understanding your prospect’s business
    Political account structure of IT and the psychology of IT organizational buying.
    Conducting meaningful company research
    Compiling useful executive research
    Establishing your executive-level account strategy
    Defining your executive value hypothesis
    • Establishing an executive approach process
    Defifining specifific executive approach plans
    Using a multi-pronged approach pattern
    Earning the initial executive-level conversation
    Turning executive conversations into opportunities
    Flanking strategies when you're stuck at the wrong level
    • Preparing for your VP or C-Level meeting
    Objectives of your fifirst executive-level meeting
    Facilitating executive-level conversations: Presenting your solution
    Crafting effective diagnostic questions
    Probing questions at the executive level
    The Persuasive Elevator Pitch: Linguistics structure and compelling delivery.
    Connecting with The CxO through Sales Linguistics (using the right words at the right time to persuade the CxO to buy).


    • IT Negotiation Strategy: Closing strategies and negotiation tactics
    Group Presentation Strategies and Tactics - focus on high-level add-ons
    Focus on selling big-ticket initiatives – like Cloud, hardware, and ERP.
    Bringing your full product portfolio to the executive team, which could add signifificant value to the organisation.
    Event Details
    • Start Date
      October 27, 2021 10:00 am
    • End Date
      October 28, 2021 4:00 pm
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    • Who will benefit?

      The program is best suited to IT vendors:

      Vendor CEO’s, Managing Directors, Business Development Directors, Business Development Managers, Sales Directors, Consultants, Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, Heads of new business and Sales executives.

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