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2 December 2020 | Driving Intelligent Public Health Decisions Through Data

Driving Intelligent Public Health Decisions Through Data

The repercussions of COVID-19 on the healthcare sector will be felt for many years to come. The outbreak has stressed the need for early detection of pandemics, preparing adequately and then bracing for impact.

The projected long-term consequences of COVID-19 has also resulted in a reprioritization of the Healthcare agenda. In the midst of the current outbreak, digital health has taken the front seat and has become the future of efficient Healthcare.

This webinar will discuss how data can be used effectively to drive executive decisions in healthcare. COVID-19 has put a laser focus on how data and analytics are powerful tools for healthcare leaders to predict, prepare, and respond in a proactive and coordinated manner to a global health crisis, and as the curve begins to flatten, healthcare organizations must look to reinvent their technology programmes to prepare for the future.

Academic & Private Surgeon & Head of Wits Biomedical Informatics and Translational Science
Medical Doctor and Director of Business Development at Wits Healthcare Innovation
Global Principal, Health Care SAS Institute, Global Practice

In this short presentation, we will look at the issues health care is faced with around the world and why the use of analytics can help drive real change.

Focusing on what data-driven change can address this presentation will look at how to manage cost and improve safety and outcomes for patients and enable care workers to make the best decisions too.

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