Optimise and Embrace the Circular Economy

29 September 2021

Optimise and Embrace the Circular Economy! Close the loop: moving mindsets towards more sustainable IT solutions


Sustainability in the IT industry is not a buzzword anymore. It is a new way of life that we need to adopt to curb climate change and our growing e-waste problem that has been fueled by higher electric and electronic consumption rates, shorter lifecycles, and limited repair options.

According to the UN Global E-Waste Monitor, global e-waste will reach 74 Mt by 2030 – an increase from 50 million tonnes today. As the UN’s 2030 deadline for Sustainable Development approaches, nine years from now, there will be no tolerance for waste in the value chain. Everyone has a role to play in reducing e-waste.

Join Arthur Goldstuck on the 29th of September at 11 am SAST/CAT as he discusses why moving towards a circular economy, based on sharing, leasing, reuse, repair, refurbishment, and recycling and away from a linear “produce-use-discard” model, can remove the pressure on the environment and avoid the extraction of valuable raw materials – making IT more sustainable.

This webinar is powered and sponsored by InnoVent. 

Who should attend:


IT Leaders, CIO’s, CTO’s, IT Managers, CFOs, CEOs, Sustainability Managers, Marketing Managers, Reporters/Journalists, Procurement Managers, Finance Managers, General Managers


Founder of World Wide Worx

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