IoT Forum Africa 2022

    29 - 30 March 2022 | Free Virtual Conference

    Exploring the latest challenges, opportunities and innovations within the Internet of Things

    Enabling Enterprise Transformation with IoT

    Internet of Things Forum Africa is the premier African event on the Internet of things. Find out how IoT can deliver unprecedented intelligence to drive performance, growth, and profitability.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with 600+ executives, entrepreneurs and solution providers at IOTFA 2022 in Johannesburg – for an event entirely focused on the Internet of Things.

    The growing rate of IoT deployment also poses significant cybersecurity risks. IoT Forum 2022 brings together, business leaders, government functionaries, IT decision-makers from various industries and experts to discuss and equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to plan and implement successful IoT projects. The Forum will look at solutions for handling security challenges, IoT platforms, and managing the complexity IoT creates for organisations that want to adopt the technology or move their IoT pilots from project phase into real-world production.

    The amount of data created by connected devices is a growing concern for businesses, and this year’s IOTFA2022 will discuss and assess new technologies and processes that will allow organisations to keep up with this huge influx of data. The forum will look into IoT big data convergence, management, processing and building sustainable technological ecosystems.

    Benefits of Attending
    • Interact with world leaders in this sphere and learn how they have successfully implemented their IoT
    • Learn more about the advancement in the Industrial Internet of Things
    • Connect digitally with hundreds of IoT decision-makers, vendors, analysts and developers – all from the comfort of your machine
    • Find out the future of IoT in Africa : Strategies to leverage your implementation
    • Learn from real-world case studies and hear discussions about lessons learnt and challenges faced in Africa’s drive towards Smart City’s, Industrial, and Enterprise IoT Implementations
    • Prepare your organisation for a technology-powered future
    Enterprise Data Executive, Nedbank (South Africa)
    Head of Data Analytics, Rand Merchant Bank
    Data & Analytics Professional, RCS Group (South Africa)
    Head: Analytics (Corporate and Investment Banking, Pan-Africa), Absa Group (South Africa)
    SVP - Head of Data Analytics, Big Data, AI, Meezan Bank Limited (Pakistan)
    NSW Government Chief Data Scientist and Industry Professor, UTS & Government of New South Wales (Great Sydney)
    Head of Data and Artificial Intelligence - Credit Suisse
    Chief Data Officer (CDO), Absa Bank Kenya PLC (Kenya)
    Senior Vice President Integrated Supply Chain Leader: India & International, Jubilant Foodworks Ltd (India)
    PhD, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Rappi (Colombia)
    Head of Data Solutions at Medscheme
    Co-founder and Director of Product at PayGo Energy
    CEO/ Founder of Cloud Inspire
    Strategic Accounts at Innominds
    Chief Marketing Officer at Innominds
    Director of Solutions and Innovation , SoftwareAG South Africa
    Head of East Africa , Uber
    Co-founder and CEO of EXPLORE Group
    Chief Analytics Officer of FNB Risk
    Director – Information Systems & Technology Corporate Services, City of Cape Town
    Founder/CEO , Apiro Data Ltd UK
    Director , Sai Management Solutions
    4IR Research Expert at DCDT
    Executive Head of Digital (Wealth) at Standard Bank Group
    Futurist speaker & Lecturer, The University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science
    Director: Smart City Programme, City of Johannesburg
    Consultant at DITO.VIP
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      · Unlocking the value of IoT at any stage of implementation

      · How to monetise your IoT

      · Practical ways of to implement IoT in your organisation

      · Putting the IoT eco systems in place and aligning the culture of your organisation to it

      · Ensuring a seamless collaboration of stakeholders to ensure a proper creation of the IoT eco system

      · Smart cities– How far is Africa from implementation?

      · Highlighting automotive cyber security challenges

      · Looking at the reality of connected cars in South Africa

      · Enabling affordable IOT for connected communities

      · The importance of security in a home network – IoT in the new normal

      · Scrutinising laws that force IoT security to be a core focus

      · What we could learn from the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) bill

      · Going through the challenges in IoT security

      · Common Risks & Threats in IoT and how to curb them 

      · Looking at how the telecoms industry has mostly benefited by tapping into IoT

      · The future of mobile and telecoms through IoT

      · Observing the growth prospects that have come through new mobile IoT apps and services

      · How IoT has saved the mobile and telecoms industry during the pandemic

      · Big data analytics and its innovation of IoT solutions

      · Creating smarter, safer and healthier cities through data collaboration

      · Emphasising on data vulnerability management

      Hartnell Ndungi, Chief Data Officer (CDO), Absa Bank Kenya PLC (Kenya)

      Matthew Bernath, Head of Data Analytics, Rand Merchant Bank

      Track A

      The Growth of IoT in The Manufacturing and Utility Sectors


      Track B

      IoT in healthcare : Advocating for affordable healthcare in Africa through AI Integration


      Track C

      Transportation industry powered by IoT

      Data sharing remains challenging within many organisations, partly due to culture, partly  due to lack of clarity around regulation, but largely because patterns of data sharing are not well established outside of "Open" or "closed" data sharing. This presentation explores aspects of data sharing frameworks between these extremes.

      · Building trust in your IoT data with blockchain

      · Implementing AI & Blockchain to elevate level of Education

      · Looking at the benefits of IoT and blockchain

      · Building trust in your IoT data by putting it in a data chain that can only be added to and not changed

      · Challenges and issues of the Internet of Things · Software engineering techniques for machine learning · Public management in the era of Internet + · Predicting Indoor and Outdoor IoT Temperature Monitoring Systems

      · Highlighting security requirements in IoT environments

      · Viewing IoT as one of the key digital transformation technologies

      · Assessing the impact on the Industrial Internet of Things

      · Looking at digital transformation technologies

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      • Start Date
        March 29, 2022 11:00 am
      • End Date
        March 30, 2022 2:00 pm
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      • Why Attend

        Internet of Things Forum Africa is the premier African event on the Internet of things. Find out how IoT can deliver unprecedented intelligence to drive performance, growth, and profitability.

      • Key Topics

        Key topics include Smart Cities, IoT for Public Safety, Digital Transformation, Blockchain, IT Security, AI, Analytics, IoT Strategy, IoT Adoption and so much more.

      • Industries in Attendance

        Finance, Health, ICT, Manufacturing, Mining, Energy, Construction, Agriculture, Rail and Transport, Retail

      • Who Should Attend

        CIO’s, CTO’s, Chief Transformation Officers, CMO’s, Data Centre Leaders, Digital Transformation Managers, CEO’s, Systems Integrators, Government Officers, Strategy Director