Building Customer Engagement Success in B2B Commerce with Salesforce

    24 August 2021

    Building Customer Engagement Success in B2B Commerce with Salesforce

    The entire customer relationship is moving online, driving businesses to re-imagine how they build trusted relationships and loyalty with customers old and new through 1:1 and 1:many interactions across all digital channels.

    Despite lockdowns across the globe, consumer and business buying hasn’t stopped. In fact, even new buyers are looking for you in places they haven’t before, with the expectation to replace in-person experiences with online ones.

    Digital is one of the most flexible and effective channels to engage with your customers and personalise experiences at scale to meet their demands. And this is why we’ve built the Salesforce Customer 360 for B2B.

    Salesforce Customer 360 is a completely digital-first platform to meet the needs of the digital imperative, enabling you to move to digital quickly. It helps you create a single view of your customer across market-leading applications in Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce.

    In this webinar, we’ll examine the main trends and challenges B2B businesses are experiencing, discuss how the Salesforce Customer 360 is perfectly suited to address these challenges, and in an interview with Distell, learn about their Salesforce journey and discover how they’re using Salesforce technology to drive revenue growth.

    Who should attend:


    This webinar is for you if:

    1. Your organization services B2B customers and your sales/service teams spend significant time on routine tasks such as accepting orders and providing order information through eMails and other channels.
    2. Your customers are demanding seamless service options and interactions with the sales/service team as a trusted partner to anticipate needs.
    3. Want to learn about the leading commerce platform that B2B decision-makers see as value adds for their customer.
    4. You are in the B2B space and looking for a top-shelf B2B commerce solution.
    ,ICT Business Partner Shared Services , Distell
    Commercial Account Executive at Salesforce
    Mid-Market Account Executive | South Africa at Salesforce
    B2B Commerce Executive for Israel, Africa and Mediterranean Salesforce

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