How to Sell Technology Solutions to the C-Suite

Technology is transforming industries on a global scale — with the COVID-19 pandemic proving just how critical a solid IT strategy really is for business sustainability. C-level executives who weren’t prepared for digital transformation have been left playing catch up, which means there has never been a better time to sell IT solutions to them.

And while it may seem easier than ever to reach decision-makers, the truth is that many of them employ seasoned gatekeepers and are inundated with technical sales calls. This means gaining access to the C-Suite has become an extremely difficult task for sales executives. 

So when it comes to selling to CEO’s, CIO’s or CTO’s — the rules have changed; and to be a successful Sales VP, Sales Manager or Sales Executive, you have to adapt your approach and understand your customer’s industry, company and buying motivations.

Selling IT to the CxO (an ICITP Certified Virtual Workshop) will allow you and your team to reinvent your sales approach with C-level executives in mind, ultimately helping you to turn leads into sales. 

Through this completely interactive programme, taking place from 29 – 30 July 2020, you won’t just develop an understanding of working with the C-Suite by building interest, trust and credibility into your product but you will also learn how to adopt best practices for quickly engaging with and selling to the C-Suite; recognizing how C-Suite needs are unique to the position. 

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Who will benefit from attending Selling IT to the CxO:

Vendor CEO’s, Managing Directors, Business Development Directors, Business Development Managers, Sales Directors, Consultants, Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, Heads of new business and Sales executives.

How to participate:

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