Ansgar Pabst

Ansgar Pabst

HOD, GMD Omnichannel, Pick n Pay

With over 20 years of experience in FMCG, Food & Non-Food Retail across multiple countries my passion lies in innovation: to create an idea and to turn it into a sustainable and profitable business model by way of agility and adaptiveness. My day-to-day consists of driving multi-optionality between various communication- and buying channels by decoupling the point of decision from the point of sales. Special focus is put on providing an omni/channel customer experience relevant to the individual customer across both, the physical and digital worlds. Exploiting the downstream tilt, in a community retail context, the goal is to utilize the key assets of a large corporation (access to aggregated consumer demand, physical stores) by adding lean start-up principles & digital initiatives to the incumbent organization. I am enthusiastic about turning in-store traffic into digital sales.

My strengths are transforming firms with historic business models to a more adaptable, up-and-coming model through experimenting, testing and iterating.

I have experience in all avenues of Intrapreneurial Corporate Retail Innovation: Ecosystem & Practice, Business Model Design in particular Platforms, Omni-channel CX, Community Retail Initiatives, Retail-as-a-Service, Subscription based value propositions, and utilization of downstream tilt.

Corporate Retail. In a lean, agile and adaptive kind of way.