26 September 2023 | Webinar

Empowering African Industries: AI's Crucial Role in Fraud Detection and Data-Driven Solutions





2023-09-26 11:00:00

Empowering African Industries: AI's Crucial Role in Fraud Detection and Data-Driven Solutions

As technology continues to reshape industries, African businesses are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to fortify their operations against fraudulent activities.

Mint Group, a respected Microsoft partner, dives into the nexus of AI, data, and fraud prevention, shedding light on its transformative impact across diverse sectors.

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Why Attend

Find out how to grow your business with AI-powered solutions

Join us to explore how AI, data, and fraud prevention impact Africa’s sectors. Experience AI innovation as OpenAI collaborates with Llama 2 for tailored African business solutions. Discover the power of natural language processing, computer vision, and analytics for improved processes, customer experiences, and growth.


Key Takeaways:


  • Gain insights into OpenAI’s and Llama 2’s AI capabilities, directly applicable to the African business landscape.
  • Learn about real-world applications across industries, from supply chain optimization to fraud prevention, all powered by AI-driven insights.
  • Explore ethical considerations and data privacy measures to ensure responsible AI implementation in your business strategies.
  • Acquire actionable steps for crafting your AI-powered business strategy, fostering collaboration and continuous learning.


Peter Gardner

Head of Data, Mint Group

Peter Reid

Chief Executive Officer at visionAI Suite

Edward Muller

Sales Solutions Architect, Mint Group


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Introduction and Welcome


AI-Powered Solutions by OpenAI and Llama 2


AI's Role in Detecting and Reducing Fraud (visionAI)


Use Cases Demonstrating Data-Driven Solutions


Poll (Break)


Q & A


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