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Closer Connections East Africa

This conference aims to explore the current state and future prospects of connectivity in Kenya and East Africa, and how it impacts economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability.
The conference will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive sessions with experts, practitioners, and policymakers from the region and beyond.
The conference will also provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing among stakeholders from different sectors and backgrounds.

Key Topics

The agenda will be presented in a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies.


Topics include; Accelerating Digital Inclusion in Kenya and Unlocking the Power of Digital.

Why Attend?

Opportunities to explore the current state and future prospects of connectivity.


Engage with experts and peers on best practices and solutions for addressing connectivity gaps and enhancing connectivity outcomes.

The Audience

Who should attend

You'll meet the people who matter

Make new connections and discover solutions and services to support the successful delivery of your digital transformation initiatives.


Attendees will include: C-suite, Vice President of Network Planning, Network Service Directors, Network Planning Executive, Network Service Executive, Telecommunications Executive, Chief Network Planning Executive, Chief Network Service Executive, Chief Communications Officer, Network Operations Manager, Network Planning Manager, Strategic Planning Manager, Strategic Planning Director, Field Service Engineer, Head of Network Service, and Network Service Director.


These sessions are open to all registered attendees

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Opening Keynote: Innovation in Satellite Technology

Driven by the underlying social trend of ever-increasing demand to be connected anywhere and everywhere, four major trends are transforming the satcoms industry. Learn how Intelsat is pursuing innovations in the areas of virtualization, orbit diversification, integration with public cloud providers, and the adoption of global telecommunications standards.

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Presentation: Accelerating Digital Inclusion in Kenya

In this session, our expert will share the state of connectivity together with key barriers and opportunities for accelerating digital inclusion in Kenya. Discover the latest data and insights on mobile internet coverage and adoption in Kenya and what can be done to drive digital inclusion.

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Panel 1: Achieving Broadband Access for All in East Africa

With digitalization unlocking a lot of business opportunities in an increasingly connected continent, East African countries are emphasizing investments in digital technologies, communications infrastructure, IT hubs, data centers, e-commerce, and e-government services. What are the essential barriers to a fully connected East Africa, and what technologies and services should be considered to bring affordable and reliable broadband services to even the most remote and hard-to-reach areas of the region? This Panel will delve into the multifaceted issue of connectivity challenges faced by East Africa nations. Experts from various fields will discuss innovative solutions, policy reforms and private-public partnerships that can bridge the connectivity gap across East Africa.

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Coffee | Networking Break

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Coverage Where You Most Need It!

Discover how MNOs across Africa can use Intelsat’s CellBackhaul solutions to expand cellular connectivity into rural areas, facilitate disaster recovery efforts, deliver short-term connectivity, and cater to enterprise customers. You’ll also learn about the CellBackhaul multi-orbit solution and how it will enhance the options for extending the reach of cellular networks.

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Seamless Managed Services: Prioritize Your Business with Confidence

Our highly skilled and experienced team and partners on the ground can provide you with a single point of responsibility and take care of all your managed services needs. As a trusted global solution provider, we handle infrastructure recommendation, deployment and management, allowing you to focus on your business and customers with confidence.

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Maximizing Revenue with Enterprise-Grade Communications – Satellite as a Service

Successful Enterprise connectivity is defined by its unwavering reliability and seamless user experience. Join us to discover how Intelsat is actively developing and championing solutions in collaboration with our value partners.Example of trends, services and use cases deployed around the world

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Panel 2: Unlocking the Power of Digital Broadcasting

Join us for a though-provoking discussion on the future of broadcasting in Africa in an increasingly connected and diverse media landscape. Experts will share insights on the unique opportunities faced by broadcasters in Africa and how fostering innovation and collaboration among stakeholders is key to embrace the full potential of digital broadcasting on the continent and drive social impact and economic growth across the region.

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Unleashing the unique potential of TV Markets in East Africa

platforms. The continent’s diverse cultures and languages call for tailored content, while its vast geography demand efficient distribution. The presentation will explore the untapped potential of television markets in Sub-Saharan Africa and highlight the transformative impact of leveraging satellite technology to shape the television landscape in the region. The session will also discuss the impact on media services of emerging technologies and the roles they will play in the future of media content distribution.

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Wrap-up & Closing Remarks

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Networking | Cocktail Reception

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