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Themba Dlamini

Head of Auditing and Accounting, Dunamis Management services

Themba Dlamini

Head of Auditing and Accounting, Dunamis Management services


After matriculating, his parents could not afford to send him to a tertiary institution to further his studies. As a result, he decided to work while studying.

As Project Manager at the IEC he was awarded the Electoral Provincial Trainer of the year award.

In the AGSA, due to his exemplary and exceptional leadership skills Themba was elected on two occasions to be the Gauteng Trainee Auditor Forum (TAF) Chairperson. In addition, he was also elected as the Deputy National TAF Chairperson and finally as the National TAF Chairperson.
The Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA) is known to be a challenging course in and of itself, and during the course of the year that he completed his CTA, Themba experienced additional challenges. His wife was pregnant with their first child, one of his favourite uncles had passed away and his father was terminally ill and later passed on in that year. Despite the challenges he encountered, Themba was one of the Top 25 best academically performing students in the Auditor General nationally. Today, Themba is a Chartered Accountant.He also served as AGSA A-Manager Forum Chairperson. He was part of the team that founded and led the AGSA Leadership Academy. He was the founder and first chairperson of the AGSA Men’s Forum. Furthermore he designed and formulated the first CA trainee learnership guide in the AGSA.

Themba is a gifted speaker with a unique ability to communicate complex matters in a simple manner with original humour. Themba has a passion for inspiring others and he believes he has a calling to help others realise their true potential to reach the stars. He uses basic and simple methods to appeal to the hearts and minds of his audience and his messages have a Christian ethos.

He has spoken at numerous schools and universities, imbizos, government and corporate functions and civil organisations.

In 2016 he founded Imani HT (PTY) LTD which is a strategy, financial solutions and advisory firm.