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Kim Polley

Managing Partner & Reputation Resilience Specialist: Instinctif Partners Africa

Kim Polley

Managing Partner & Reputation Resilience Specialist: Instinctif Partners Africa


A reputation resilience strategist, I work closely with clients to establish distinctly favourable leadership positions on issues that impact reputation, whether long-term challenges or a response to the changing market.


I have over two decades of experience in communications with more than half focused specifically on developing and implementing communications strategies and public affairs campaigns addressing complex audiences in #Africa. I work across sectors from #agriculture #energy and financial services to #FMCG #ICT and public administration, regularly assisting brands in optimising performance through executive strategy facilitation, positioning workshops, vision and purpose forums, media training and organisational gap analysis.


I work with clients to align their company behaviours with stakeholder expectations and to build alliances. Intrinsic to my mindset is a focus on the intersect between public and private sector that fosters impactful investments and economic development for #sharedvalue. I firmly endorse the business imperative behind reputational resilience in organisational risk planning and regularly advise on crisis mitigation strategies.


I also believe that understanding government objectives is essential to formulating sustainable communications strategies. This makes tracking legislative and public policy trends, understanding their impact on sectors and companies, core to my work.


In a fast-paced, digital world, I feel that leveraging human relationships – and social platforms – is key in securing the attention and mind-space in which one can foster trust, context and relevance for an organisation’s messages. I endeavor to ensure that clients understand the impact of digital platforms and how consumers/customers receive and disseminate information.


I am a certified SEO specialist and an advocate of digital’s deployment beyond engagement to leveraging for ‘listening’, as a credibility ‘authenticator’ and early warning tool.