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Netshield introduces cost competitive range of “generic SFPs”

Companies using pluggable transceivers (SFPs, SFP+’s, QSFP+’s and QSFP28’s) to transform their network into cloud, digital and IoT ready infrastructure, can now make use of the Generic range of pluggable transceivers from Netshield. Not coded to a specific device, these SFPs are an affordable cost-effective alternative to brand specific solutions.

A Quad / small form-factor pluggable (Q / SFP) is a compact, hot-pluggable optical module transceiver used for networking applications. When an SFP expansion module is connected to a switch, it is an affordable means to add fibre capabilities to the network switch, without having to rip and replace components in your network. The Netshield units also serve as a cost-effective solution in a new network rollout, or when a client is upgrading infrastructure from 1GB to 10GB, 10GB to 40GB, and 40GB to 100GB.

“Our new Generic range of pluggable transceivers are not programmed to a specific brand of switch, which means they can be used across a number of switches where the vendor has not hardwired the code into the device – this means the user can get the same performance at a much reduced price,” states Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield South Africa. “This range of SFPs enable the user the flexibility to expand the speed of the switch by 1, 10, 25, 40 or 100 Gigabit as well as the distance the network can reach.”

With this range customers can take advantage of network upgrades that are much easier as the generic SFPs are fibre connectors that will adapt to any existing network, provided the vendor has not hardcoded the switch. In the event that coding is required, a network engineer will be able to code a generic device and still take advantage of the reduced price.

According to Dreckmeyr, an original 100GB QSFP28 can cost in the region of R50,000.00 whereas a generic can tally up at 60% less, depending on the brand it needs to interface with to. If a customer is unsure of the interoperability Netshield’s engineers will test the devices within their environment to certify that the devices will speak to their specific OEM solution.

The Netshield Generic Range works with a host of Netshield Media Converters, Netshield Switches and other OEM switches that don’t use proprietary coding and is made up of the:

  • SFP – 1GB
  • SFP+ – 10GB
  • QSFP+ – 40GB
  • QSFP28 – 100GB

“Our pluggable transceivers (SFPs, SFP+’s, QSFP+’s and QSFP28’s) are not new to our customers as we already provide a Netshield Compatible range that works with a host of global vendor solutions and is also in the range of 60% more affordable than brand specific devices. What is new is our generic range – this range meets the needs of price conscious customers who want to achieve their network goals but can ill-afford the costs of brand specific solutions.

“We have more than 15 years of experience in delivering pluggable transceivers, something that should assure a customer that when working with Netshield they are always assured we put quality first,” ends Dreckmeyr.


About Netshield

Netshield is a Pretoria-based technology company that specialises in providing tailor-made end-to-end IoT and Cloud based technology solutions to our clients. Our experienced teams of research and development engineers specialise in technological, element and component level development. We have a core focus on customisation right down to component levels, extended application, database, embedded software development (firmware) and electronic, electrical and optical fibre and mechanical development and design.

Established in 1994, Netshield’s business areas, development and vertical market focus extends: IT based datacentre environmental management, financial, medical, mining, automation, power generation and backup, communications and security. We offer a wide range of inhouse developed as well as third party OEM integrated IoT sensors, intelligent gateways, upstream communication interfaces, dataflow management modules, database management, REST API’s and application dashboards and analysis, that service any challenging environment and associated point of presence.

In addition, we supply pre-packaged bundled solutions that include environmental control and monitoring, IoT/Cloud-based solutions and self-contained cabinets. Within our extensive access control system portfolio, we also provide solutions that assist with the securing and tracking of high value goods during transportation and warehousing. We boast a range of renewable energy management and power backup offerings and provide bespoke solutions and development for the Mining and Industrial sectors.


Marketing Contact:
Marien Dreckmeyr
+27 12 841 0320

Media Contact:
Charlene Carroll
Anti-Clockwise Consulting
+27 11 314 2533




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