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IT News Africa Interview: Discussing the Big Data Service Desk Kevin Leslie HP

Kevin Leslie, EMEA Director, Service Portfolio Management Business Unit atHP Software discusses the Big Data Service Desk in the video interview below.

Video Interview: Digitisation and the impact it has on enterprises – Sukhi Gill CT HP

Sukhi Gill is the HP Enterprise Services chief technologist for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). In this role he is responsible for the overall technical direction, innovation and leadership of the senior client – facing technical leaders and key Account Chief Technologists in the market.


Video Interview: Software defines quality of service – Paul Muller VP HP Software

Paul Muller serves as vice president of strategic marketing for software products within the Software business at HP. Muller has responsibility for aligning marketing activities with those of the sales channel so customers receive focused, consistent and coherent messages.


Joseph Kim - HP Propel

Joseph Kim is the Senior Director and General Manager for HP Propel. According to Kim, HP Software’s product lineup aims to help IT organisations transform into IT Service Brokers.

Kim is the strategic leader and unifying force behind HP Propel, a new line of innovative products from HP in the Service Portfolio Management space. As the one-stop portal for IT Enterprise and the backbone for service brokerage and exchange, Propel has generated tremendous buzz and executive support.

According to Kim, he is set to drive the end-to-end execution across HP, including product management, development, customer adoption and go to market. Propel will include a suite of hosted, SaaS and on-premise solutions that help transform IT into a true Service Broker.



The Future of Cybersecurity

October 2014 marked forty-five years since the very first message was sent over the net – Arpanet (the forerunner of the internet) that is. Back then we didn’t have firewalls; there was nothing to monitor suspicious activity. >> Read more


How to turn mobile IT into business insight

As CIOs increase their strategic contribution, mobility provides a key entry point. Start with five critical moves.
The bottom line
What: Use mobile data to provide unprecedented business insight.
Why: As IT moves from "cost center" to strategic partner, CIOs have to up their game.
How: IT ingests more business-relevant data than ever before. Time to use it.

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IT News Africa Interview: Top 5 Software challenges faced by SA companies - HP



Service Management Re-Invented : More Sharing Services

Ticketless IT: From Tribal Knowledge to Connected Intelligence

Today we are faced with a generation of users for whom search and social collaboration is expected as standard. As digital natives, they don’t have the time or patience for lengthy waits while IT gurus slowly get to grips with their technical issues – they want it fixed, and they want it fixed now.

On top of this, users are increasingly collaborative in their approach to IT problem solving - generously offering to help each other on forums and add insightful comments to support sites in order to make life a little easier for their peers. In fact, a recent survey shows 48% of HP customers like advice from their peers via online forums specific to their software. These new expectations are creating a whole new agenda for service delivery teams


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